How to organize a training course awarded with certificate

This article aims to provide a complete guide on organizing a training course with the test as the final step, as a pre-requirement for achieving a certificate.

How to Organize a Training Course Which Will Be Awarded the Certificate

The training module allows you to create and customize each step of your users’ learning experience. You may attach multimedia learning materials to your lessons, include knowledge tests between training steps, assign training course managers, and candidates, and track their progress.

Assigning a Training Course Manager

A training course manager is a role that can build training courses with materials, add steps, assign tests, or add ad-hoc tests to training courses. However, this role doesn’t have access to other application modules such as users, system settings, etc.

To see how to assign a manager to some training course, please watch this video.

Creating a Training Course

Please watch this video for a detailed explanation of how to build training courses for your candidates by organizing lessons, adding learning materials, and assigning tests for knowledge checks.

Adding Steps

Check out these articles, for detailed information on How to  Add a Step to a Training Course, and also How to Add an Attachment to the Step.

To see how to make a training course available to all users in the system and pin it to the “My assignments” page, please check this video.

Adding Tests

YouTestMe GetCertified allows you to add a test as some step or at the end of your training course. If you want your candidates to prove that they learned   To see how to create a training course with the existing and ad-hoc tests, please check this article.

Ad hoc tests can be added to training courses quickly, as the creation process is simple, and training sessions are automatically created. For detailed information on how to add an ad hoc test, please watch this video.

Adding Users

There are four ways to create profiles for users:

  1. Bulk import a large number of users
  2. Create one by one account
  3. Allow users to self-register
  4. Integrate with External System – for more information, contact YouTestMe Customer Success Team

Assigning Users

For a video tutorial on how to assign users to the training course please watch the video and check this article.

Awarding Certificate After the Completed Training Course

In order for the candidate to receive a certificate after successful completion of the training, it is needed to add a certificate to the test that is attached to the training course.

To see how to create and add the certificate to a test, please check this article.

To see detailed instructions on how to take a training course, access learning materials, take tests, and download a certificate, from candidate’s perspective, please watch this video.


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