How to manually create a user

This article explains how to manually add a new user.

Accessing user profiles

To access the user profiles page, navigate to the “Users” in the application’s main menu, and select “User profiles”.

Creating new user

A new user’s profile is created by entering the user’s personal information, a password,  and assigning a role. The system will notify new users by email that their profile is created.

Once you access “User profiles” page you should:

  1. Click on “Create new user” tab
  2. By activating “Basic info only,” you will see only the basic information about the user, such as username, password and expiration date, role, status, time zone, name, and email.
  3. Enter the username that will be unique for each user, and it cannot be changed.
  4. Choose the desired option. “Generated”- User receives a generated password or “Manually inserted”- You create a password.
  5. Enter a password. (If you choose “Manually inserted” option)
  6. Confirm the entered password. (If you choose “Manually inserted” option)
  7. Set the expiration date for the password. The system will remind the user when to change the password.
  8. Set the user’s role in the system. You can choose between the predefined roles or make your own. For more information, see the roles and permissions video.
  9. Select the user’s account status:
    1. “Active” – for all users who can log into the system with their username and password.
    2. “Suspended” – for all users who are prohibited from entering the system by an administrator.
    3. “Locked” – for all users who cannot enter the system because they have typed in the wrong password several times.

    The administrator can change user status at any time and view user details regardless of the current user status.

  10. Set the Time zone according to the user’s current place of residence.
  11. Enter the first name.
  12. Enter the last name.
  13. Enter the user’s email address.
  14. Click “Save” button to create a profile.

You can also watch the following video for step-by-step instructions.

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