How to export a list of all training courses with their descriptions and creation details

This article will explain how to export a list of all training courses and their IDs.

Accessing the predefined reports page

To access the “Predefined reports” page, you should hover over the “Reporting” tab in the main menu and select the “Predefined reports” option.

Accessing the “Training course reports” category

On this page, nine report categories are displayed. These categories contain multiple reports that are related to a specific application module. 

Click the “Training course reports” category icon or name to open the list of all related reports.

Accessing the “Training courses basic info” report

A list of all predefined reports within the training course category will appear, with their names and descriptions.

Click on “Training courses basic info” to open a list of training courses.

Click on the “XLS” or “PDF” icon to export the list of training courses.

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