How to allow changing the chosen answer (second try)

This article explains how to enable an option that allows a test taker to have a second try chance for answering a question.

When creating a test (for more information, see the video How to Create a Simple Test), in the “Test template settings” you need to select the “Disable deselect” option.


If you enable this option, when it comes to single choice questions, the candidate will get an opportunity to select a different answer, if they happen to choose the answer marked as a “Second try”.

The “Second try” option is set while creating a question. This is intended to be used on a single incorrect answer (only one of the incorrect answers can be selected with the “Second try” option).


If the answer feedback is not defined, the candidate will get the default message “Please try again.”

For detailed instructions on how to define and enable immediate feedback, read this article.

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