How to reduce tabs on the “My profile” page

This article explains how you can reduce the display of tabs on the “My profile” page.

Reducing tabs on the “My profile” page

By adding or removing certain permissions to the desired role, you can reduce the visibility of tabs on the “My profile” page.

To reduce tabs visibility of tabs, navigate to the “Users” section in the main menu, then choose “Roles and permissions”.

When you enter the page, you can:

  1. Create a new role.
  2. Edit one of the existing roles by clicking the pencil icon.

In order to reduce displaying of tabs on the “My profile” page for the desired role navigate to the “Users” permission section when the permissions window opens.
Find all five permissions that allow users to access specific pages and confirm that they are unchecked:

  • Permission 18 – Access “My groups” section.
  • Permission 19 – Access “My pools” section.
  • Permission 20 – Access “My certificates” section.
  • Permission 21 – Access “My activity log” section.
  • Permission 22 – Access “My subscribers” section.

After you choose the desired permissions, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the “Update” button to save the changes for the existing role, or the “Create” button if you are creating a new role.

Candidates perspective

An example of how the student account looks (when the visibility of the tabs is reduced) is shown in the picture below. Users will only be able to see the default tabs.

Kindly note that this applies only to accessing particular pages from the “My profile” page. It will not affect access to those pages from any other part of the application if the user has appropriate permissions.

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