How to add room to the common session

This article explains how to create, edit and delete room and add it to a common session without entering the same information several times.

Accessing the page

To create a new room, navigate to the “Test” in the main menu and click on the “Testing locations”.

Creating a new location room

To create a new room on the specific location, click on the “Open location rooms” icon.


Rooms window will open, where you can:

  1. Add new room
  2. Edit already existing room
  3. Delete a room

When you click on the “Add room” button, the “Create new room” window will apear, where you should enter:

  1. Room number – mandatory field
  2. Room information – optional field 
  3. Click the “Save” button.

Once you create room for a specific location, you will be able to select created room from the drop-down menu when creating common sessions on that location

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