How to create matrix questions

This document’s purpose is to explain how to create matrix questions.

Adding questions to a question pool

  1. To add questions to a question pool, navigate to “Tests/Question pools.”
  2. To add questions to a new question pool, click the “New” button.
  3. In the popup window, add a pool name and save it.
  4. To add questions to an existing question pool, select the pool name from the list of pools.

Matrix questions

  1. To add a matrix question to a newly created or an existing question pool, select the “Questions” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add question” button and select a matrix question.
  3. Configure the question settings (difficulty, duration, scoring method, tags, points, penalty, frequency).
    • Scoring method – User can choose between three scoring methods:
      • Defining correct/incorrect answers – Candidate has to select all of the correct answers to achieve a point
      • By answer weight – Each answer has its weight. For every answer, a user picks he will be awarded points accordingly (depending on the weight)
      • Manual grading – Candidate earns points after the test manager grades the question
  4. Adding question introduction – Here you can enter a question introduction.
  5. Adding questions – Select the number of questions that will be presented to the user and write the questions in the box.
  6. Adding possible answers – Choose the number of answers a user will be able to choose.

Matrix question from a students perspective

The test taker will need to choose from the following statements and indicate the extent to which he agrees with each of them).

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