How to identify all candidates who purchased testing sessions

This article explains how to quickly check the list of all candidates who have purchased or canceled a particular testing session. In the “Payment log” report all necessary information is included.

Accessing the “Payment log” report

To access the desired report, hover over the “Reporting” tab in the main menu, and select “Predefined reports“.

On the “Predefined reports categories” page that appeared, click on the “User reports”.

When the “User reports” page appears, navigate to the last page, find the “Payment log” report, and click it.

When the “Payment log” report opens, the following information about each candidate who purchased the testing session will be available:

  1. Date
  2. Username
  3. First name
  4. Last name
  5. Product name
  6. Amount
  7. Product price
  8. Order status
  9. Cancelation date
  10. Test ID
  11. Test name
  12. Payment ID


Integration of  YouTestMe application and Stripe via “Payment ID”

Find the desired transaction, and read the “Payment ID” from the “Payment log” report.

Log in to your Stripe account and go to the “Payments” tab. Open the desired transaction.

When you enter the transaction details, you will see that the “Statement descriptor” variable suffix contains “Payment ID” from the “Payment log” report.

In this way, you can check all incoming transactions.

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