How to use the real-time grading option

This article explains how to use the real-time grading option which allows users to see the changes in their test score after submitting each answer.

Configuring real-time grading option

To configure the real-time grading option, hover to the “Tests” tab in the main menu and select “New test“.

When you fill in the basic information for the test (Name, Description), go to “Settings,” and select the real-time grading from the “Show report” drop-down menu.

When you choose the real-time grading:

  • Option “One question per page” will be automatically disabled.
  • Option Disable going backward in test” will be automatically enabled.
  • Optionally, you can select the Enable I don’t know answer to avoid negative points” option or any other option for your test.

Note: Once you publish the exam, you won’t change the “Show report” option.

Candidates perspective:

During the test-taking process, the candidates will see:

  1. The bar visually represents how many questions were answered out of the total number of questions (in a branch or entire test).
  2. The bar displays the current success on the test (number of achieved points or percentage of completed questions). This field is only available when the “Real-time grading” option is enabled.
  3. Symbols and colors specify the status of each question:
    • White field – the question is not answered.
    • Yellow field – the question is skipped because the “I don’t know” option was selected.
    • Blue field – the question is answered. (When the “Real-time grading” option is enabled, the field will be blue when the instructor must rate the question.)
    • Green field – the question is answered correctly. This color is used only when the “Real-time grading” option is enabled.
    • Red field – the question was answered incorrectly. This color is used only when the “Real-time grading” option is enabled.

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