How to grade a proctoring report of Proctorio

This article explains the process of reviewing and grading tests proctored by Proctorio, an automated proctoring tool integrated with YouTestMe GetCertified. Students are recorded during their test attempts, and a proctor should review the video and provide the final grade on the candidate’s behavior.

Accessing Videos (Proctoring Reports)

  1. Log in as a proctor.
  2. Hover over the “Tests” in the main menu and select “Manage tests“.
  3. Click on the test name to open that test.
  4. Navigate to the “Monitoring” tab and click on any web camera icon from the “Actions” column.

Proctorio Gradebook

You are now navigated to the Proctorio Gradebook (another tab will open). Here you can see the list of students that took this test, and some information regarding their recorded test attempt (submission time, suspicion level, etc.).
Click on the student whose video you want to review and provide a grade on behavior.

You will see a video recording of the candidate, as well as the recording of the shared screen. From the sidebar, you may open:

  1. Incident log – The software programs will flag out any suspicious behavior for the faculty to review.  It automatically scrolls during play to keep up with the video player.
  2. Room scanWhen this feature is enabled, students are required to slowly scan their test environment before the exam.
  3. Screen recording – During an exam Proctorio may take screenshots of the desktop, detect the number of computer monitors connected to the computer, or record your web traffic if defined by administrators.
  4. Location information – Records city, country, and timezone of the candidate.
  5. AnnotationsTo add the annotation, simply click the annotations icon on the frame you wish to leave a note for. Enter the message, choose a color, and click the “Save Annotation” button. To make a change to an existing annotation, go to the frame with the annotation and click the annotations icon.
  6. IdentificationProctorio agents analyze the test taker’s institution-approved ID card for authenticity. They compare the ID card to the test taker’s image, captured through the webcam, in real-time. Test takers with an institution-approved form of ID will be allowed to enter the exam. This feature is optional and configured in the Exam settings of YouTestMe GetCertified.
  7. PDF export – Choose the options you want to display in the report and export the report to PDF.

Providing Proctoring Report

When finished with the review, navigate back to the YouTestMe GetCertified tab.

  1. Click on the last icon from the “Actions” column for each individual candidate.

2. From the dropdown menu choose a rate, provide a comment, and click the “Save” button.

The candidate will fail the exam automatically if a positive report is required to pass.

For video instructions on how to grade a test proctored by Proctorio, you may watch this video.

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