How to customize personal report settings

This article will explain how to customize personal report settings for the desired tests. You can customize the report content visible to candidates taking the test.

Accessing the desired test settings

To change the “Personal report settings,” you should hover the “Tests” tab in the main menu and select “Manage test“.

Then,  open the test where you want to customize report settings.

To change the report settings, you should navigate to the “Personal report settings” tab.

Explaining the settings

There are five settings that can be customized.

Note: Defined settings are applied only to the candidate perspective. Test managers can see complete report content.

  1. Enable score report download – By enabling this option, candidates will be able to download a PDF report that contains the score achieved on the test.
  2. Display question scores and Excel download – Display question details (metadata, offered, selected, and corrected answers) of all questions in the test and allow candidates to download the personal report as an Excel file.
  3. Display section scores – Display tables with test sections and section groups in the personal report.
    Note, if the “Display question scores” is enabled, the table containing section names will be visible, although “Display section scores” is disabled. The achieved scores on each section remain invisible.
  4. Display pool results – Display the table with test results broken down by question pools of the questions included in the test.
  5. Show Passed / Failed info – Display passed and failed labels in the report outlining the final score achieved on the tests, question pools, and sections.

Personal report settings

Displaying the personal report from students profile

When all options in “Personal report settings” are disabled, the appearance of the personal report is next:

Personal report settings


When all options in “Personal report settings” are enabled, the appearance of the personal report is next:

personal report settings


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