What test statuses YTM supports?

The test statuses can be:

  • Waiting for report – Test that needs to be evaluated. If a test contains questions that should be manually graded, then the “Waiting for report” will be displayed. As soon as all questions are graded, the status will change to “Finished.” To see how to manually grade questions, please check this article.
  • In progress – The candidate is taking the test at the moment. If the option “Allow continuation” is not enabled. In that case, this status can be displayed if a candidate has started the test but not finished it properly (refreshed the page or closed the browser). Then you will have to allow him to continue manually.
  • Ready to modify – The candidate has finished the test, but you have allowed him/her to modify it. Then, the candidate will be able to re-enter the test and modify answers. For more information, please check this article.
  • Ready to continue – The candidate has pressed the continue button or refreshed the page (only when the “Allow continuation” option is enabled). In the end, he will be able to continue the test.
  • Not attempted – The candidate has not started the test yet.
  • Finished – The candidate has completed the test, all questions are graded (automatically or manually). Then, the candidate passed or failed the test.
  • Suspended – Status suspended is for all previous attempts.