The Fresh Face of Our Interface – Prepare for 11.0


Prepare to have a new and improved experience with YouTestMe GetCertified!

Thanks to our updated YouTestMe GetCertified user interface design, working with our app will be not only faster but also more straightforward.

Now you can move seamlessly, see all dashboard functionalities, have easy access to all information, and simply attain your intended goal.

1. Users

1.1 User Dashboard

User Dashboard

1.2 Creating New User

Creating New User

1.3 List of All UsersList of All Users

1.4 User’s Assignments

1.5 Details View of Assignments

Details View of Assignments

1.6 Calendar View of Assignments

Calendar View of Assignments

1.7 Taking a Test

Taking a Test

1.8 User Groups Dashboard

User Groups Dashboard

1.9 Roles and Permissions Module

Roles and Permissions Module

1.10 Group Activity of a User

Group Activity of a User

1.11 User’s Activity Log

User's Activity Log

2. Tests

2.1 Test Creation Wizard

Test Creation Wizard


2.2 Managing Certificates

Managing Certificates

2.3 Certificate Designer

Certificate Designer

2.4 Question Pools

Question Pools

2.5 Grading Scales

Grading Scales

2.6 Testing Locations




2.7 Results Verification

Results Verification

3. E-Testing Center

E-Testing Center

3.1 Testing Locations

Testing Locations

4. Training Courses

4.1 Creating New Training Course

Creating New Training Course

5. Reporting

5.1 Report on Tests

Report on Tests

5.2 Predefined Reports

Predefined Reports

6. System Settings

System Settings

7. Personal Reports



8. White Labeling

8.1 Custom Themes and Interface Colors

Custom Themes and Interface Colors

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