What kind of reports can GetCertified generate?

All of the events and activities that occur in the system are stored in the database. We use that data to generate reports. Every module has several reports associated with it (reports related to the test attempts, questions, answers, tests as a whole, and many more). Any report you need can be extracted from the database if it’s not already in the system.

We provide extensive reporting capabilities on all levels of the application. With our report, you can examine:

  1. The validity of test attempts (automated proctoring)
  2. The individual and collective results of your students
  3. Question statistics
  4. Standard and advanced test statistics
  5. Many more reports not directly related to the testing module

For a quick overview of reporting module that contains over 40 types of Predefined Reports, sophisticated Report Builder, the system for scheduling reports, and a section for the most important ones, please watch this video.