How does the student receive their exam results?

There are two types of results for the proctored exam. One is the score obtained by achieving enough points on the exam which can be configured in three ways:

  1. “Real-time grading” – during the test-taking process, users will see the changes in their test score after submitting each answer.
  2. “On manager’s approval” – users will see the report after the test manager approves it.
  3. “Immediately after finishing” – users will see the report immediately after completing the test.

The proctoring result:

There is an option to enable “Require positive proctoring feedback” meaning that the positive proctoring mark will be required for students to pass the test. Otherwise, the proctoring report will not affect the final score on the test.

In order to see how to create a proctored exam and assign proctors, please watch this video.