Are there any limits in terms of data creation and concurrent users?

There are no limits concerning data creation, as long as the host server provides the necessary hardware performance. The numerous possibilities will allow you to create an unlimited number of:

  • Users
  • Questions
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Training courses
  • Literature for training courses
  • Certificates
  • Test templates

YouTestMe GetCertified Standard Edition supports up to 50 concurrent users (i.e., 50 users doing the test simultaneously). While there will be no limitations imposed within the application, you might experience a degradation of performance with a higher number of concurrent users. With Oracle Database License, the usage is limited to 2 CPU`s. To host a more significant amount of concurrent users, we suggest upgrading to Enterprise Edition of GetCertified with Enterprise Oracle Database. This version of the application has no limits in terms of the maximum number of CPUs. Please note that if the Standard Edition of GetCertified is purchased, it is possible to upgrade it to Enterprise version at any time.