Online Examination Software

Online Examination Software: A Must-Have Tool in Human Resources

The employees are the backbone of any company. They’re the ones doing the hard stuff, the paperwork, the product development and just about everything else. Management has an arguably equally important but entirely different role, however; they’re there to make sure the workforce is operating at optimum efficiency, and that all of the tasks that should be getting completed are on their way.

In order to pull this off efficiently, a human resources department, as the name suggests, has to be aware of the resources that the company has at its disposal at all times. This means knowing what your workers’ abilities are, what they are capable of and what you can expect from them. The only real way to be aware of this is to run regular tests on your employees – efficiency and performance tests that can determine how capable they actually are at doing what they do.

Unfortunately, constructing good, efficient tests for employee training and evaluation is pretty hard work, more so when you have to come up with several tests over the course of a month. At least, it was very difficult before software technology advanced sufficiently to start developing automated testing software.


The conventional approach to constructing tests had everything done by humans, and this is simply no longer necessary when it’s possible to be aided by software. Having a computer do the most tedious part of the job can be extremely beneficial when it comes to constructing tests, and here’s why.

First of all, humans tend to make mistakes when doing extremely repetitive tasks. This is why there’s always a percentage of defective products that have to be discarded from human-coordinated assembly lines because someone along the way made a mistake that was brought on by a lack of focus. A machine doesn’t exhibit this; all you have to do is tell it how to perform a certain task, and it will do it identically each time until it is told otherwise.

Second, by using online examination software to evaluate your employees, you gain the ability to include a lot more information – how long it took the employee to finish a certain section of the test, how many tries it took, and much more. These are variables that would be very hard to gather and analyze by hand, but computers are much faster and their focus is flawless and absolute. The quality of your tests can, therefore, be superior if you use online examination instead of conventional tests.

Online Exams in HR: How Much is it Used?

The question is, if online examination already has so many pros and not that many cons over conventional testing methods, then why isn’t it used more? Why aren’t more companies transitioning to online examination and making the testing and training process easier and more efficient? The answer is simple – people, especially successful people tend to be suspicious of anything they do not fully understand.

And truly, the online examination is a rather new technology, so it will definitely take a while before it’s as widely accepted as it deserves to be. On the bright side, there’s definitely a way you can use this fact to your advantage. By becoming one of the first companies to implement online examination in your HR department, you’re going to receive a considerable edge over your competition.

As we already mentioned, the process of evaluating your employees and know what your workforce is capable of is extremely important and provides you with valuable information that you then use to keep the company operating at optimum efficiency. By using online examination, this process will be done far more efficiently, and ultimately it is going to help you develop a more capable workforce than that of your competitors.

GetCertified Online Examination Software: Cost and Time Effective Solution

Another advantage of online examination software is that you usually need just one program to take care of all your testing and training needs. Testing software is actually developed with this in mind so that all your information and anything you might need is located in the same place.

Our software GetCertified is a great way to instantly get access to all the features you require from an online examination app, without having to jump through several apps to get the results you need. The app allows you to quickly and efficiently generate entire tests based on information from question pools and predefined criteria, saving you a ton of time and money in the process.

Additionally, GetCertified is very good at offering you detailed reports about the results of your tests, so you can better evaluate your employee’s performance. Using these results, you can compare the results of different users and different user groups, which in turn provides you with more valuable information about your employees. These reports can quickly and easily be exported into a PDF format, so you can print them out and share them with your peers for further discussion.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding why online examination software is slowly becoming a must for any serious HR department. It can make your job a whole lot easier and improve your company in a myriad of different ways, so if you don’t already have some kind of online examination program going, it might be time to implement one. It’s a far smaller investment than many people think and will save you a lot of resources over the long-term, so if nothing else, it’s definitely worth trying out.