Learning Management System

Learning with a Learning Management System

A Learning Management System is often abbreviated to LMS, and it incorporates usage of different elements such as e-learning software in order to pass the necessary knowledge and skills to the interested parties. This type of educational software usually incorporates its own online examination system, which is in many ways the most important part of the entire process. After all, this is the only way to ensure the students have learned what they were supposed to. If it can be easily tricked, then its reliability would be a serious drawback.

The History of E-Learning

The history about computers and learning goes back a long way, but in the beginning, the learning was mostly centered around computers rather than using them as tools for mastering other areas. Basically, it wasn’t until the ’70s that they started using computers as learning aids. By the late ’90s there were already online courses on all sorts of things and even some universities offered a possibility to attend classes online and receive certificates to brag about. Still, back then the whole Learning Management System thing as well as its recognition were nowhere near what they are now, let alone what they will become in the future.

How Complex is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

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What makes Learning Management System so special is its systemic nature, as it seeks to control and manage every single aspect pertaining to the learning process whereas most other alternatives settle for classes and exams only. There is the entire framework at play where every bit of content, every learning goal and every step in achieving said goals are known and planned in advance. Since nothing is left to chance, this thorough approach is far more efficient that one might think at first.

Apart from the content they offer, most Learning Management Systems differ in terms of the course management and administration, the way users and their activities are organized, how application and registration are handled, the way the progress is being tracked and evaluated… These are all elements that deserve special attention when selecting the right LMS. Recently, however, there have been some serious improvements to the concept, including the possibility to create one’s own educational content, or only use certain features.

How effective Is an LMS?

There are tons of studies and infographics on Learning Management Systems that showcase its effectiveness, especially pertaining to some of the features. For instance, a recent study on the effectiveness of an LMS pertaining to a programming course that is usually delivered face-to-face, (link to the case study). The results have shown that, while not fully capable of replacing face-to-face learning, LMS is more than capable of complementing the results and improving them. And besides, last year alone, any investments in e-learning programs have effectively yielded the return that is twice as high. Current estimates are that roughly 79% of companies in the world employ at least some kind of e-learning or LMS.

Who is the LMS for?

In case you haven’t notices, LMS is the thing of the future. Current projections state that by 2019, roughly half of college students in the U.S. will be enrolled in some kind of LMS program. This added popularity will surely bring down the overall costs making this method of learning more accessible and affordable than ever before! The reason why we mentioned students first is because they were the intended recipients originally, but the idea has since far surpassed regular Universities, schools and other similar institutions.

Nowadays, any kind of business or even regular people can take full advantage of all the benefits that LMS has to offer. If you own a computer and you need to learn something, chances are this is what you really need. All is not perfect, however. Thanks to more and more people recognizing the potential of this learning aid, there has been an entire market centered around this niche. While this has certainly done some good, in standardizing the offers and lowering the costs, it should be noted that not all the commercial vendors for this kind of applications is legitimate.

Still, most vendors tend to specialize in companies of certain sizes and even the certain kind of content that is to be made available to their clients. Their methods of evaluation also vary, so picking the right offer is more important than ever – the future of your company may depend on it! On one hand, it is in their interest to get as many people to pass since their success rate is at stake. But then again, if they do not maintain a certain knowledge or proficiency threshold, their whole purpose will be negated, so only a handful of vendors have actually managed to solve this conundrum.

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