Where are the settings for the automated proctoring feature?

In the latest version of the application, it is impossible to adjust metrics (behaviors) in the application due to security. You can still choose a list of metrics you want to include, send us your list by email, and we will create a template on the proctoring server for you.
The offered metrics are shown below:

  1.  Focus changed to a different window
  2. Full-screen mode is disabled
  3. Webcam is disabled
  4. Face invisible or not looking into the camera
  5. Several faces in front of the camera
  6. The face does not match the profile
  7. Found a similar profile
  8. Atypical keyboard handwriting
  9. Microphone muted or its volume is low
  10. Conversation or noise in the background
  11. No network connection
  12. No connection to a mobile camera
  13. Screen activities are not shared

Once we finish the template, we will send you detailed instructions on how to set up Proctoring service in the application’s system setting.

Also, for more information on proctoring, please check our website.