Is it possible to review suspicious behavior by the candidate?

Once you access the recording of the candidate, you will be able to see the report and all suspicious behavior by a candidate.
1. Navigate to the Monitoring tab.
2. Click the “View the proctor report” icon in the Actions tab for the candidate.
3. When the window opens, in the right corner, you can see the chart bar with errors and all suspicious behavior during the test by the candidate.
4. At the bottom of the protocol, the session timeline is displayed, consisting of a timeline, the current playback position (vertical moving line), and horizontal sections.
The color (from green to red) highlights the minutes for which metrics in the proctoring system are collected.
Moving along the timeline, you can find violations you are interested in and play videos of these areas.
So you don’t have to watch the whole video – you can just review the moments of suspicious behavior.

To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a proctor’s perspective, please watch this video.

Also, for more information on proctoring, please check our website.