Can YouTestMe GetCertified be integrated with an external system?

Our development team specializes in integrations and customization. YouTestMe GetCertified can be integrated with any external system our clients provide us the specification for.

The software can seamlessly be integrated with other services and systems such as LMS, LRS, ERP, CRM, etc. Moreover, YouTestMe GetCertified supports many integration concepts and protocols (Web services, Webhooks, Data synchronization, Flat file import/export, REST API/ xAPI/TinCan, SCORM, QTI, SAML, LDAP, OAuth, etc.).

To learn more about supported integration concepts, please visit our Integration & Automation page.
Also, you can explore various integration use cases here.

For example, for step-by-step instructions on setting up integration with any Learning Record Store (LRS) to transfer data from YouTestMe GetCertified, you can watch this video.